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A Powerful Jetpump & ROV

Specification Value
Power Requirements 240v / 4A
Typical Out Jetting 1 BAR @ 4l/min
Typical Solids Removal 1m3/hour
Jetting Hose Internal Dia. 1″
Discharge Hose Internal Dia. 3″
Suction Hose Internal Dia. 2″
Clean Water Inlet Hose Internal Dia. 2″ – 3″
Weight in Water 0-15Kg (Dependant on Spec)
Materials Acetyl / 316 Stainless Steel / Cast Iron


The RSL Jetpump Suction Dredger has been specifically designed to be utilised within the Inspection and Light Work Remotely Operated Vehicle systems. The RSL Jetpump can be permanently mounted to a vehicle or can be skid mounted to be incorporated within the size constraints of the Adaptable Seaker System that is deployed within Sellafield FGMSP. The Remotely Operated Vehicle is a Nuclear RSL Seaker based on a proven existing design which has operated in the challenging Sellafield environment. It is an open frame structure manufactured in Stainless Steel 316L.

A Powerful, Modular System

The RSL Jetpump for ROV’s in combination with our RSL Adaptable Seaker ROV is a highly versatile and potent combination for sludge removal operations. Designed to pump mud, sand, sludge, gravel, drill cuttings, shale etc. with limited risk of blockage.
Elsewhere the tilt unit which carries the pilots’ camera and light is housed in lightweight Acetyl and is electrically driven from the surface console unit. The unit tilts 70 degrees up and 100 degrees down, however this footprint can be increased by minor adjustments.

Three high powered RSL LED lights are fitted to the vehicle. All can be dimmed. One light is fitted to the tilt unit, one forward and one on the rear of the vehicle. The light is extremely robust with a long life capability. They are extremely bright and should not be viewed directly with the human eye.


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