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HD / SD Camera Console

Item Console
Style Water resistant, Rugged Case
Monitor Dimensons 15″
Storage 1TB Internal Storage
Other Options available on request
Exportation to External Storage via USB3
Supply 110v AC / 240v AC


Fully compatible with our Carbon Fibre range of products, the Rovtech Solutions HD Camera Console is a superbly engineered solution for recording footage. Housed in a rugged water-resistant case, the simple one touch record facility removes the need for a keyboard and makes it a perfect tool for both inshore and offshore diving and ROV operations.

Recorded footage is stored on an internal 1TB HDD and can then be transferred to a USB Pen Drive/Drive for post-processing and review. Utilising USB3 the transfer rates are lightning quick.

A 15” monitor sits in the lid and the viewing option is extended with an inbuilt HDMI output allowing a larger monitor to be added. A controller for LED Light/s is fitted to allow control of light intensity from the surface, providing the right light levels for the environment.

This system is compatible with old standard definition cameras and various HD cameras.


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