The new, innovative Rovtech Solutions Complete HD Camera Console System is a highly versatile and comprehensive solution to the every day requirements of the diving industry.

Complimented by our newest Carbon Fibre products, the console system is capable of producing, recording and exporting HD footage with ease, simplicity and speed.

Shallow Water Inspections

Also available for shallow water inspections. The system can be utilised with a range of integrated deployment poles — making it easy to conduct surveys of dock walls, sluice gates and even hull inspections.

The poles themselves are available separately in 1, 2 & 3 metre sections for easy transportation & handling. Coming in both passive and powered varieties these lightweight, robust, and interchangeable Carbon Fibre poles can be used in a wide variety of applications.


Read up on our products specifications, browse the product brochure and watch any available video footage here. If you require any more information, or assistance then please don’t hesistate to contact us directly.